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Motoring Lawyers - Failing to Stop/Report

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Failing to stop following an accident and failing to report an accident are criminal offences.

If charged and convicted for these offences can result in penalty points on your driving licence and possible disqualification from driving.

Due to the nature of these offences, drivers often find themselves facing these charges during particularly emotional and stressful times as they will be coming, inevitably, following a motoring accident. Our motoring lawyers can help alleviate your concerns by providing straightforward frank advice and representation in court.

Our motoring lawyers understand that being charged with a motoring offence is an extremely difficult experience and take a serious approach to your defence. We will look at all available options and advise on whether a defence is available to you.

If you wish to plead guilty our experienced driving lawyers will enter a plea in mitigation on your behalf and representation at court may help you to keep your licence.

If you wish to plead not guilty, our lawyers are available to provide you with realistic advice on the prosecution papers and the case against you. We are happy to represent you at trial and our specialist solicitors can provide you with the expert approach to help you beat your failing to stop or failing to report charge.






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