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Motoring Layers - Totting Up

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Many motorists are disqualified from driving for a minimum of six months for committing a modest number of relatively minor road traffic offences – such as minor speeding offences or contravening a traffic signal.  Under the “totting up” rules motorists are disqualified for a minimum of six months if they acquire twelve penalty points or more on their license within a three year period.

We understand that disqualification from driving for even six months can have a devastating effect upon career and family life.

Often we can help our clients to avoid this.

The road traffic legislation provides in cases where the motorist would be at risk of a disqualification under the totting up procedure, they can argue that the imposition of a disqualification would lead them to suffer exceptional hardship.  If the Court are satisfied that exceptional hardship is found, they will often not disqualify the motorist from driving or at the very least, reduce the period of disqualification.

Our lawyers are experienced in delivering persuasive exceptional hardship arguments to keep our clients on the road.  We also advise clients about the relevant supporting documentation which can often tip the balance in cases of this type. 

If you think you may be at risk of a totting up disqualification, contact us now.




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